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How Task Complete Works

You have probably tried other freelancing websites and came away with an awful experience, over-billed and delayed progress

Task Complete is completely different. You decide the amount of hours the task will be completed in and you'll be presented with a fixed total price. If the task is not completed within the given time frame, you will receive a 100% refund

Give Task Complete a try. You really have nothing to lose. We will donate 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice

Step 2 Task Description and Details
Please elaborate as best as you can. Our focus is software development and DevOps. Please read our blog article on submitting great tasks
Hours dedicated to task: 1 | Total fixed price: USD $30 | Please read the pricing FAQ
If you feel your task is too complicated or requires a discussion, please select the input below. We'll schedule a free consultation with you
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Please select your charity from the options below. We hope you select The Emma Animal Rescue Society. Read about the charities on our blog
Your payment is fully refundable if you are unhappy with the results
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App Evolved (Pty) Ltd | 2017 / 296552 / 07
Who donates money to charity?
We do. We take 10% of your bill and donate our profit to the charity you select during the payment process.
Where can I read more about your philanthropy?
We have a blog article that you should read.
Which company is behind Task Complete?
App Evolved (Pty) Ltd. Our ZA business registration number is 2017 / 296552 / 07. We promise Task Complete is not a scam!
Can I pay after the task is complete rather?
Sure, just click proceed during Step 3. We will give you the option to pay after the task is complete.
What if the timeframe I specify is unreasonable?
Unfortunately some customers attempt to abuse how Task Complete works. If the tasks specified timeframe is deemed unreasonable, the payment will be reversed.
My task is faily complicated and I need to provide more information. What is the best approach to follow now?
We suggest you request a consultation. Remember, you can include links in the detailed description above (format with markdown).